ORGANO-MINERAL HUMUS COMPLEX for all large-area field crops, fruit and vegetable crops, and under cover; in addition, for use in plant nurseries, urban green areas and for soil restoration. Recommended mainly for intensive industrial crops and with simplified crop rotation. With a wide C:N ratio in the soil (which is the case with most arable soils) it can be used for the decomposition of post-harvest residues.

– you raise the efficiency of nutrient utilization from the soil up to 15 times,

– you improve the structure of your soils and take care of their fertility,

– when used systematically, you raise the soil water capacity up to 8 times,

– you supply the soil with over 10 kg of pure humic acids, which are the main component of soil humus,

– with a disturbed C:N ratio and intensive nitrogen fertilization, it optimizes the conditions for the development of bacterial microflora and accelerates the decomposition of post-harvest residues,

– does not require a pre-harvest waiting period,

– when used for foliar application, the humus complex has a positive effect on the utilization by plants of liquid fertilizers or agents that are the basis of the spray treatment,

– with HUMIGO, your yields rise, costs fall, and the soil stays in good cultivation.

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