Intended for all kinds of plants in large-area cultivation: field crops, orchards and under cover, as well as in nurseries, parks and urban green areas. It produces excellent growth results in both ecological and traditional crops.

Applied to the soil, HUMUS EFFECTIVE significantly increases the soil’s water and sorption capacity. HUMUS EFFECTIVE applied to the soil twice a year and 4-6 times as foliar treatment during the vegetation period brings about high yields and healthy crops even on poor soils, and after a few years of systematic use we can upgrade the soil quality class.


– improves the soil structure,
– completely decomposes crop residues,
– enables better utilization of nutrients,
– prepares the soil for sowing,
– promotes the development of the root system, preparing plants for winter dormancy,
– restores the natural fertility of soils,
– increases the profitability of production


Spring – as top dressing or incorporated into the soil, from the start of vegetation to the end of May. Can be used post-emergence.

Summer – foliar nutrition. The optimal conditions are high air humidity and temperature in the range 10-20°C. On sunny days, spray treatments should be done early in the morning or late in the evening.

Stubble field – just before the planned soil cultivation, Autumn – as top dressing or incorporated into the soil after harvest, until mid-November, provided the average daily temperature is not below 5°C. Can be used post-emergence.

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