Humus after harves contains even more positive microorganisms, sugars to support the growth of native bacterial microflora, clay minerals to maintain water in the soil.

Comprehensively breaks down crop residues and green matter, including: grain straw, rapeseed straw, corn, beet, potato harvest residues, and all types of mass from catch crops grown for green manure.
-The rich, additionally multiplied, bacterial microflora contained in the product, including, among others:

→cellulolytic bacteria- specialize in the decomposition of organic matter and make available organically bound nutrients

→phosphorus bacteria – make phosphorus available from sedimentary forms

→nitobacter bacteria – bind and make atmospheric nitrogen available to plants

→bacteria of the genus Bacillus – produce natural enzymes that stimulate plant growth and reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases

-Sugars accelerate the proliferation of positive bacterial microflora in the soil, in order to decompose organic matter faster and make valuable macro and micronutrients available

-Beneficial mycorrhizal and Trichoderma fungi populate the soil, limiting the growth of pathogenic fungi and soil-borne diseases.

-Clay minerals help maintain soil water and moisturize organic matter which further supports microbial activity.

-Permanent Active Caries captures and retains nutrients from mineralization of organic matter, thus limiting nutrient losses caused by leaching or volatilization.

Prepares the soil for sowing
-Improves the structure and optimizes the air-water relations of the soil

-Improves the soil’s ability to hold water

-Equalizes plant emergence

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