Produces excellent growth results in both organic and traditional cultivation. HUMUS PM significantly stimulates biological life, brings about high yields and healthy crops even on poor, degraded soils. HUMUS PM restores the natural resistance of plants to stress and pathogenic factors, and restores the microbial

– Restores the natural resistance of plants, – Regenerates plants after chemical spraying,
– Stimulates plant growth,
– Restores microbial balance,
– Increases the profitability of agricultural production,
– Helps the soil retain more nutrients in the root zone,
– Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter to form humus
– Contains macro-, micro- and ultra-elements in proportions optimal for plant growth,
– Contains microorganisms that make nitrogen available to plants as a nutrient (up to 70 kg/ha),
– Improves the rooting of plants,
– Does not require a pre-harvest waiting period,
– Safe (no risk to human or animal health, or to the environment),
– Certificate of product qualification for use in organic farming


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